September 22, 2008


This guy is so cute I seriously can't believe he's mine!

While wearing these glasses today he was saying, "Sun. Eyes." Then he would shake his head vigorously.

This morning when I was loving on him he would say, "Granas lubin'" or "My PawPaw's lubin'" I was getting a little territorial and explaining to him that Grana and PawPaw can get all the loving they want, but Mama's loving is to always be available. Always. Even when he's bigger than me!

We met Grana for lunch today and he took his suitcase! He spent the night with them over the weekend and apparently he decided he really liked it.

I was telling him a bedtime story the other day and I guess it was boring him. He said, "My story" so I let him tell his own story. He said, "Batman. Spi-Man. Sup Man. Bobin." I said, "What a great story!" Then he yelled, "Sponge BOB!" Guess my sweet, lovey story didn't compare to all his super heroes.

In the bath: "Soap. Eyes. Kiss. It." Kisses around here have the healing touch- even on soap in the eyes.

Today in the car Zachary told me that he wanted the radio "super loud". After that, anytime I would turn the music down, Trent would say "sup man loud!"

He told me that his daddy gave him the sticker that was on his hand. I wondered out loud, "Where did Daddy get a sticker?" He answered, "Mall Mart!"

He also has learned to say I love you. You can only imagine the way it melts our hearts. Dad swears he said it to him first, but I will stand firm on the fact that he was bribed into repeating the words. The first unprovoked time was to Mama. Just trust me on this.

Whoever coined the term 'Terrible Twos' never met this little sweetie.:)


The Garners said...

You've gotta get that boy a modeling job--he is CUTE CUTE CUTE stuff! I like his story...I wish Rhett would tell stories instead of making me (try to) think up "Scooby-Doo & the Gang solving mysteries in Flippin" stories. I'm just not a creative story-teller. The other night R said, "Well, I didn't like that story very much."

KK said...

Too cute and those one word sentences are story.telling. for sure!

Mandy said...

He is so CUTE! I can't wait to visit with him and his big brother this weekend!

Soldier in Training said...

This is the CUTEST!!!!!!!!!! How precious is he????!!!!!!!! I'll let Jaiden have her pick, as long as she marries one of your two boys...especially since you promised to cooperate on holidays! :)

kinsey said...

oh my, he is the cutest thing ever.

Jillian said...

he is too cute for words.