September 29, 2008

Get well Daddy!

The man of our household has had the SHINGLES for over a week now. To say that it has been an unpleasant experience would be a major understatement. He thinks that he may be on the road to recovery as of today. During his illness, we have prayed nonstop for him to get well.

Here is Zachary's prayer for him:
"Please let Daddy get well. Not this weekend, but next weekend. Keep us safe and don't let a tornado get us. MOMMY, Look at Trent!!! (he had his hands folded in prayer.) Thank you for teaching Trent how to pray, I mean, thanks for making me so smart. Amen!"

I asked, "Why did you change your mind and say 'thanks for making you so smart'?"

His answer, "Because I am the one who taught Trent how to pray."

As I was telling Brandon this story, Trent folded his hands to pray so I encouraged him to pray for Daddy again. This was his prayer:
"Daddy get well please....(looking around with head bowed and huge smile)."
I said "Okay, Amen."
He stuck his prayer hands up his nose and yelled, "Boogers!"

Well, close enough.


Jillian said...

EEEEEEKKKK!!!!! i have had those before and they are TERRIBLE! saw you from behind at church- looked precious in the Burberry wrap!

Anonymous said...

oh no... i heard that was so painful... poor Brandon... the boys are too cute with their prayers :)

** i have never seen your burberry wrap **


Mandy said...

Those boys! It was so good seeing them this weekend, just wish we could have had more time to spend with them! Hope Brandon finally starts feeling better soon.

The McKaughan's said...

My thoughts & prayers are with you! Mainly because your having to deal with a sick MAN! I'm getting my dose of it now, and I don't like it one bit! They wear me out!!! I'd take 10 sick kids over ONE sick man any day!!!

Soldier in Training said...

How precious are those two boys!!! And sorry your busband has been so sick--hope he's feeling better!