September 18, 2008

What a week!

It's been an eventful week, but not necessarily anything exciting to post about.

We survived IKE with very little bad weather. My parents lost a few limbs and here is their clean-up crew hard at work:

In all seriousness, we were very blessed and never even lost power during the storm. We were scheduled to host supper club on Saturday night and had to postpone the gathering, but we were glad to have that as our only inconvenience.

Trent has had a tough few days. Two trips to the pediatrician, a trip to the dentist, double ear infections, teeth issues, four different antiobiotics, and finally some releif yesterday afternoon! Today he went back to school in time for "Bring your pet to school" day. We were late (because of a dr. appt.) so we weren't able to take our dog, but he saw lots of cool pets. There were turtles, fish, dogs, cats, a pig and Radar, the World's Tallest Horse. [He REALLY is the World's Tallest Horse--check your Guiness Book!] I was running a very tight schedule to get to bible study this morning so I have no pictures to share. :(

Zachary has had a good week. He enjoyed going on a bike ride with KK since she bought herself her very own bike. Imagine our surprise when we saw it! Pee Wee Herman!!! Zachary said it was the "dorkiest bike he has ever seen". Even Trent calls it "dorky bike." KK cannot be deterred and is very proud of her blue bicycle. She told me that she rode out to the mailbox to get the mail and I quickly informed her that since she lives on a busy road she is NEVER to ride that bike in front of her house again. It is only for behind the house--out of sight of vehicles passing. I mean, it's all in the name of safety, of course!
Look at this. She's a grandma!

We are LOVING this weather and looking forward to a fun weekend. I will be attempting my second 5K, my buddy Nancy is coming for a overnight visit and we have 2 more birthday parties to attend. (That's SEVEN in the past 3 weekends if anyone is counting!) Hope your weekend is wonderful!


The Garners said...

What a week y'all have had!

That's a really cute clean-up crew member!

I'm laughing about the "dorky bike"!

Mandy said...

About time you posted something! I was having Milam family withdrawals!!! You have been one busy moma! Hope everything calms down when we all get there next weekend!

Anonymous said...

KK... I LOVE your bike :)

Can't wait to see you all tonight! I am going to eat some carbs!!!


KK said...

Great clean-up efforts by the boys and I am very thankful!
Zachary DID like KK's bike while he was riding with me and for that I am grateful. An old-timey bike for an old-timey KK! LOVE IT & LOVE RIDING WITH ZACHARY:)

Kimberly Jordan and Sophie said...

Love your blog! Jordan was so surpised and excited when I told him I'd heard from you on my blog and wanted me to be SURE to tell you and your hubby he says "hi". Your boys are precious, btw :).

Anonymous said...

awesome collectors edition bike
must be worth thousands and thousands of dollars...really love it....classy


Soldier in Training said...

Sorry T has been feeling yucky. Hope he is on the mend! Good luck with the 5K--I recently ran in one and have decided to start doing them more often. Let me know how it goes!!! Have you ever done a half-marthon? I would like to attempt, but a) don't know how to train for one and b) am lucky to get two runs in a week. Have a great week!

Jillian said...

yahhh KK!!! I think she looks fabulous! poor Trent- hope he's feeling better! Good luck with the run!!!

Debo said...

Hey, Nothing "dorky" about that bike--Love it, after all 'older is better!"--gotta take up for KK-she'cool--
from KK's Community Friend Debra from Columbus!

Debo said...

You say "dorky", I say "groovy"-- know what they say 'older is better' Looking for one myself!! From KK's Community Friend in COlumubs--Debra