September 30, 2008

Homecoming Parade

The boys and I met Kristin and her kids downtown to watch the Homecoming Parade last night. Zachary liked it, but Trent said it was too loud. (The fire truck honked at us and scared him to death!) We are looking forward to the game on Friday night.

Please ignore my roots! One look at this picture and I made an emergency call to my hair colorist!

Kristin, John Robert, Sarah Kate and Mark (or M.J. as he has named himself!)

They've got Tiger spirit! They are ALL sporting Tiger gear! And rumor has it that S.K. got a mum for the game---from a high school boy!!! A little young, don't you think?!

Go Tigers!


Jillian said...

s.k. sounds like another little girl i know.... :)

Soldier in Training said...

My roots are the worst ever right now! Ugh! I have been counting down the days to see my girl and get these taken care of! And why do the fire trucks and police officers feel the need to blast their sirens constantly?!!! My kids were terrified at the parade!

Mandy said...

What a fun time! I miss those days..homecoming and football games!