October 29, 2008


[This post is a day late!]

Five years ago today, our lives were changed forever when we welcomed Zachary Brandon into the world. Brandon and I could never have imagined how much joy and love our little boy would add to our home. The Lord surpassed all of our greatest expectations by blessing us with him. We love this little guy so much and feel so honored to be his mom and dad.

Happy 5th Birthday, Z!

No idea what all those poses are...

I told him that I didn't want him to be 5 because before I know it, he wouldn't need me anymore. He assured me he would still need me for some things. You know, like starting the mower!:)

I feel so needed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zach....I know you are having so much fun with school and playing ...I hope to see you soon...We miss you..Love, Aunt Jane

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Z!!! Can't believe you are growing up so fast!

Kthed said...

Thanks Zach for letting me ride that new electric scooter!!!