October 31, 2008

Block Party

Last night was the annual Halloween safe trick or treating in our neighborhood. The school in our area has their kids set up booths in some of the driveways and they provide a hayride to and from the parking area. We had a big crowd and the weather was perfect! Zachary walked the loop with Uncle Jon. Trent stayed at home with me and passed out candy. The Frenches and Ochoas joined in the fun. Somehow I only ended up with pictures of my kids! Imagine that!

I'm sick that I didn't get a picture of the French trio with their Wal-Mart sacks for candy bags. Yep, they were "those" kids! Hey, at least, it wasn't a pillowcase!:)

Spiderman doing tricks on his scooter

Baby Batman triking around

Connelly and her dad, Collin, won our unofficial costume contest. Curious George and the Man with the yellow hat! What a sweet daddy!


Mandy said...

Those sure are cute superheroes you have! And curious george and man w/ yellow hat are really cute!

In His Army said...

I love that Z is airborne on the scooter...and batman is adorable too!