October 3, 2008

Easy to Please

Several blogs that I read have posted 25 random things that make them happy this week so I decided to do one myself. Here goes...

1. Sleeping late (9 a.m. is a treat these days!)
2. Fall weather
3. My boys laughter
4. The back door opening when my hubs comes home each night
5. KK's chocolate cake
6. A good run (much needed after #5)
7. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail (thanks Jamie!)
8. Herschel's sweet tea
9. Good praise and worship music
10. Answered prayers--big and small
11. Laughing with my sister
12. A trip to Target
13. Reading with my boys
14. Dinner alone with Brandon
15. Getting my hair brushed
16. Hot baths
17. Clean sheets
18. When my mom takes my kids and I have nothing to do (TODAY!)
19. An uninterrupted phone call with a girlfriend
20. The beach
21. Snow
22. A text or call from my man for no reason
23. Lunch date with a buddy
24. Attending my weekly bible study
25. Good mexican food

Doesn't take much to make me happy! How about you? Let me know if you're doing a list of your own.


KK said...

And....fresh tamales later today:) Yum! Enjoy your 'simple' day. Love, Kaye

Life in Oh-me-ha said...

ok, I put mine on my blog but I limited it to just this week!

The Garners said...

Fun list! I copied on my blog.

Chantel said...

Yes, love your new blog look!