October 31, 2008


If anyone can help me with why my blog has decide to go all long and lean, I would certainly appreciate it! I cannot get my sidebar to be a sidebar---it seems to like the bottom position much better. It shows up in my layout on side. Help!

**Ok, when I post this Help! post the sidebar moves up. When I deleted this post, the sidebar moves back to bottom...am I being Punk'd??


kinsey said...

i'm laughing out loud...but i have no way to help. sorry!

The Bass Family said...

I'm totally confused with your comment on my blog??? sneaky? anyway... I am not quite sure I know what you are talking about with your blog... when I look at your blog everything looks great... could you fill me in a little more? Sorry.. I still don't have my computer, I've been slow to answer emails.

BabyGraham said...

What a beautiful family! I love reading your blog. You are so creative and such a great mom. Also- STOP worrying about Meredith doing your blog. I should have never written that! It wasn't to make you feel bad it was only to advertise for her and I was expressing how I felt bc I almost died myself when I found out she had been doing that for me! She wanted to do it for you period! So stop! Now go back to being the cute mom you are to those cuties!