December 22, 2008

School Program

Brain Gym performed Twas the Night Before Christmas for all of their friends and family on the last day of school. As always, Ms. Sherri and Ms. Dee painted an adorable set and the play was too cute.

Here is Trent's class singing a few songs for the opening act. Please notice the gap between the two little girls...

Where is Trent?? Was there ever really any question???

Here is my cute Dasher. He was SO excited to be in this play. He told me to make sure and clap if I liked it. Then he said, "Even if you don't like it, go ahead and clap, Mama."

He said his lines beautifully.

And sang REALLY loud and only a few seconds ahead of all his classmates.:)

Then he came and got his favorite girl out of the audience for a little Jingle Bell Rock. We tore it up!!!

After the program, KK told him what a great job he did. He answered, "I know."

We are not lacking in confidence.


Honeyman 4 said...

This is awesome! I didn't know you were blogging either! And I am glad to get your Christmas card because I had a Little Rock address for you! I will get it out now, but it will be late. :)

Mandy said...

Way too funny! Hope that confidence stays with him forever. Just makes him even cuter!

In His Army said...

This is why I love reading your posts! It's always good stuff! What great kids! T all in mama's lap and Z stealin' the show! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And I so got the paci that you need for T also. We lost his paci at Mario's mom's so I had to make an emergency trip to the store...Mario kept saying, "No, it's time to break him" I said,"Forget it" The ONLY boy paci was blue and said "TOUGH GUY" on it! I cracked up because that is Mario's problem with the paci--he says it makes him look wimpy. I arrive home--his eyes are nearly swollen shut from crying so hard without it--sniffing, wiping eyes, etc...then: in goes the paci and as he's sniffling and wiping those little red puffy eyes, MArio walks in and see's it in his mouth reading "tough guy"...he did not agree. :)

sarah watson said...

Mary Katherine!!!

So fun to see your blog!! Your family is beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Now this is what fun Christmas is....Your little Zach is quite the showman...and hey it is ok that Trent is such an observer..How much fun..Can't wait to see you guys on Christmas Night..Jane

The Garners said...

So fun! Love the last pic of y'all dancing--sweet memories!