December 4, 2008


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of family and food. We saw all three sets of grandparents in a 3 day span and were loving living within 20 minutes of all of them. For some reason I took very few pictures. I got several of lunch at my mom's, but then really slacked off at the Milam's and at my Dad's house.

Jack, Ali, Katie, Trent and Zachary at Grandmother's (my mom's)
[Please note that this is Z's official pose these days. I've given up on getting him to smile.]

Daddy and Uncle Tripp holding a baseball clinic

Granny-Great, Trent and me

Grandmother with Trent and Jack

I didn't take ANY pictures of all the kiddos and family at the Milams. I did get one that is worth sharing. This is Raegan. 16 is such a cool age!

I made Thankful Trees for each house. It was fun to fill out the "leaves" with what you are thankful for and then hang them on the tree. Would you believe that I also didn't get a picture of any of the them?! Sister posted more pictures from the day and a picture of one of our Thankful Trees.

Over the weekend we also celebrated Brandon's birthday. We went to dinner in Longview with Karen and Jon for his celebratory dinner. We also did a little shopping, but were cut short because of the OU game on Saturday night. Jon actually timed me in the last store that we went in (17 minutes!). We did make it home for kick off and enjoyed a great game.


The Garners said...

I clicked over to look at the Thankful Tree--super cute!

Mandy said...

It is wonderful that your kids get to see all sets of grandparents for the holidays! Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. Looks like it was a good Thanksgiving!

Raegan said...

oh man! thats really cute... haha jk