December 9, 2008

The Real McCoy

Brandon's dealership had a customer appreciation dinner recently. Neal McCoy, who does their promotions, hosted the evening. He even treated us to a few Christmas songs which was really neat. It was a big success and I think their customers had a great time.

One of the prizes that was given away

Cutie Patootie

My mom and Brandon's mom with Mr. McCoy

He thought I was a young kid and told me so. That is why I appear SO happy in this picture. He couldn't believe I had kids of my own!

People stood in line for a long time to get autographs and pictures with Neal. This picture was taken after everyone had left and he had to sneak up behind Zachary to get a picture with him. Obviously Zachary was not as star struck as some of the people who came.


Mandy said...

That is exciting! I love that Z's pose for all of his pictures seem to be head cocked to the side with a frown. Poor thing must think his mom takes too many pictures! :)

KK said...

How fun and exciting! If all of this keeps up surely we can talk Korky into moving here to ET:)
What a great night for all of you!

The Garners said...

This is so neat! The last picture of Z's expression made me laugh!

In His Army said...

I'm loving Zachary's expression--just thrilled isn't he?! That's neat that you got to meet him. That little cutei patootie is one CUTIE PATOOTIE!!!! I'm jealous that I did not get to see you while you were here!!