December 6, 2009

Please don't grow up!

Z : Mommy, did you know that T smokes? (T was a boy on his football team)
MK: No, I didn't...did he tell you that?
Z: No, but did you hear his bad cough???

Trent has 2 different ladies who have babysat him named Beverly. Ms Beverly is a precious black lady that works at our church who loves him to pieces. There is another Mrs. Beverly at our gym who he adores that is a white woman. One day when leaving the gym, Trent said "That Ms Bevie is a different kind of Bevie."

Overheard while Trent was walking around naked, Zachary: "Trent, come wrestle. But, put some clothes on because I am NOT wrestling a naked person."

Trent while marching on his tippy toes: "Watch mama, I'm walking on my hippy toes."

I asked Trent to bring me a coke from our refrigerator in the garage one day. He came back with it opened which surprised me. He explained, "I opened it with a flat head screw driver."

While walking thru the woods at our cabin, Trent: "Daddy, if I see a deer, do you want me to drop it?"

Trent and I love to go on a breakfast date on Friday mornings. We recently went to Whataburger to find out that it is quite a hot spot. While standing in a very full restaurant, Trent announces to whoever is interested in hearing: "My dad's not black. Just his hair is."

I say to Trent: "You're my boy." He either answers "You have to share me with Daddy" or "And you're my girl"

The boys and I were passing by my parent's house one day and noticed that Jackpaw was using his front end loader out front. They were dying to watch so we pulled over to spectate. It did not take me long to realize that Jackpaw wasn't in a real good mood and his project wasn't going real smoothly. We watched him for a minute (with windows rolled up so we couldn't HEAR what all was being said) and Zachary said, "I think Jackpaw just lost his mind."

I said to Trent, "I love you to the moon and back, to the stars and back, to the sun and back" while laying in my bed one night. He answered, "I love you to the den and back."

I collect Nutcrackers and have several of them sitting on a block full of toys that I moved into the boys bathroom. Upon noticing this, Trent said, "Why did you put all those graham crackers on my toy box?? I can't get my toys out now."

I had the boys with me while shopping for food for a family that our Sunday School class helped out over Thanksgiving. I was trying to explain to them why we were buying the food and how blessed we were. Zachary was very inquisitive on the family's housing situation. I told him that they had a house, but it was in need of a lot of work and that Daddy and the other men were going to work on the house soon. We left the grocery store and delivered the food to one of the couple's in our class house. When driving up to their beautiful house Trent said "This house is a GOOD house."

What did we ever laugh about before we had these little people living with us?!


The Garners said...

You know I love these!!! Such precious memories. My favorite of these might have been "to the den and back"! :) Miss you guys SO much!

Mandy said...

I love reading these! They are hilarious!! Love the one about Jack...because we all know that he probably did just "lose his mind"!

Kandi said...

I love reading stories about Z and T!

KK said...

They are too funny:) Cute stories and great memories.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

HaHa! These conversations always make me smile :o) I so wish we could keep them little forever!