December 19, 2009

'Tis the Season

The busy-ness and wonderful-ness of the season has gotten in the way of my blogging. Here's an update on our last few weeks.

Brain Gym took it's annual field trip to the Christmas tree farm. It was the coldest day of the year, I believe. The kids loved it! They picked the perfect tree and cut it down to take back to school.
Everyone got a turn with the sawThe mommas and the daddies were the coldest!Kisha, Nicole and I headed to Dallas this week for two FULL days of shopping. We shopped until we dropped...literally!! Here they are after our first mall stop. After another stop...getting pretty full
When we arrived at our hotel at 1 a.m. we convinced ourselves that our car would definitely get broken into in the parking lot so we unloaded our entire car (except for the large items)!
The finished product!

We had a ball!! And, if our husbands will allow, we will make it an annual trip!:)

Thursday night Brain Gym held their little Christmas program. Here's my favorite little student singing his heart out.

Frosty the Snowman got an "old silk hat they found...."

"...and he began to dance around."

That deserves a big bow!

At the conclusion of the program, each boy went and got his mom and each girl went to get her dad to dance with. Look who my son picked:

After their dance he announced, "My dad didn't do it right."

Serves that boy right...Lesson learned, I hope.

Trent and Ms. Sherri We love this lady to pieces.

Friday was Zachary's last day of school and his class party

They each brought an ornament for an exchange.

Zachary loved the Santa ornament he got

He has been blessed with a wonderful teacher that we all adore.

It's been a very full and fun few weeks. The boys are out for 2 weeks and we are looking forward to a great break!


Mandy said...

I can't get enough of updates on those boys! They are too cute!!

In His Army said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for the Christmas card of those adorable boys!!!