December 5, 2009

Go Bears!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving the Baylor Bears played at the new Cowboys Stadium against Texas Tech. We planned a few months back to take our kids to their first ever Baylor game. We have some friends in town that are die hard Tech fans so we decided to make it a day. We drove up early Saturday morning to go through the Gaylord's ICE! exhibit. It was COLD, but neat.
Everything in the entire display is made from in order to keep it frozen, they keep the rooms about 9 degrees...BRRRR....

Silly boys

Cold MamasTrent took the prize for looking the cutest in the provided parkasBrandon and I with the Grinch. Trent said the Grinch is really 'rude'Going down the ice slide. I took this picture hanging over the side of the slide and it kind of appears that he is going up the slide.CutenessAfter our first visit to Steak and Shake (we give it a big thumbs up!) we all loaded up to head to the game. This is about as close as you can get to the action!We were thrilled with the tickets that Brandon's friend gave us

The highlight of the night for Zachary was when Rowdy Red (my Tech friends said I could not refer to him as 'the big red cowboy") took his Baylor hat and turned it inside out. He thought that was SO cool! Cute Baylor fan
This camera man took a likin' to our kiddosAnd look who appeared on the big screen!
That screen is even more impressive when your child's face is on it!:)
FOX sports tried to get this little guy being cute, but he wouldn't have it.
Love this picture
Best Buddies
We ended up with a whole crew of friends in our suite. Even though the Bears couldn't pull out the win, we had a great time--a fun-filled Saturday.


Erin said...

Love this...what a fun day! And so glad to see new blogs from the Milams. Enjoy the holidays...

Mandy said...

Looks like so much fun... and those seats!!! Those boys are still the cutest things that East TX has ever seen!!

KK said...

Cutest Baylor Bears EVER!!!
Glad all of you had a great day,