February 20, 2009

A club that I am involved in toured Sweet Shop USA for our monthly social in January. It was so cool! Every chocolate that they make is handmade which was really neat to watch. We couldn't take cameras back in the kitchens so I don't have any pictures of their process, but I was totally impressed.

They sell their chocolates to several upscale department stores and specialty shops around the country. It's really awesome that they chose MP to relocate to after losing their old building to a fire. If you live in this area, I highly recommend you tour their business or at least, drop in to buy some of their delish products!
Sweet Shop's showroom all decorated for V day.

Jerilyn and I dressed and ready for the tour! She commented, "You better not put this picture on your blog" right after this was taken. I promise I won't, Jerry!

She obviously liked what she saw during the tour because here Jerilyn is picking out her own chocolates.

I really am sad that I didn't get a group picture of all of us dressed in our garb. We were a site to behold!


Jamie said...

Love the hairnet and cape? picture!