February 24, 2009

Texas Week

**See bottom of post for day two pictures

Day one:

I loved how Trent hugged up to his brother when I told them to get together for a picture.

Putting cowboy gear on your body makes you gallop

I took a picture of Trent with Ms. Sherri, but I promised her I wouldn't put her pic on my blog. I had to crop him out and put him on here though. Do you see a kid who is working his teacher???

Day two:

Cutie pie!

Taking the rope today to show off his skills!

Now that is some serious bucking!!

This cowboy needs a hair brushin'!

(Please notice the gun and holster on his hip.)

Day three:

Excitement died down a little bit for the last day of Texas week, but we are still sporting jeans and boots!


Mandy said...

They sure do make cute cowboys!

KK said...

The most handsome cowboys I've seen! And yes, he is 'working his teacher'. ataboy:) Love, kk

The Garners said...

Super cute cowboys! T's smile in that last one--boy is he going to be able to get by with some stuff! :) They're both so handsome!

Neil, Amy, Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le said...

I am so glad you are able to post pictures again...I am LOVING all of them!! It looks your raising some real cowboys!! The boys are so cute!!

The McKaughan's said...

Yee Haw Cowboy's!!! Too cute!

Heather said...

Two cutie cowboys!! I love when Brooks wears his boots. Something about little boys wearing jeans & boots..melts this mama's heart.