February 20, 2009

Fancy Nancy

My best bud came to visit for a day recently. Zachary loves her and he REALLY loved that she was terrified riding on his four wheeler and squealed the entire time. We had a fun, quick visit that involved a trip to Randy's burgers! Always a good day!

Raegan and Alyssa showed up while Nancy was visiting. They remind us often of how old and uncool we are, yet they show up to hang out each time she's here!? While Nancy and I were innocently sitting on the porch enjoying each other's company, one of them (still unsure of who!) was snapping pictures unbeknown to us. But really, these capture our day together pretty well.

Nancy, come back soon! But hide your car so those teenagers who totally cramp our style don't show up!!!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea those girls were taking pics :-) we look really happy!!!

Tell Zach I can't wait to come back and ride on the 4 wheeler with him again...

I love you and your sweet family... so blessed to have you in my life..

Now let's start planning a prank on those crazy girls for next time I am in town!!! We have to stay on top... hee hee


Jamie said...

Looks like a great day. Nancy's so sweet--I enjoyed meeting her last year.

Raegan said...

haha ya'll have to stay on top??
and weeee cramp youurrr style?????
lol funny!! we were just trying to have a nice and enjoyable lunch, you woulda never even known we were there :] lol jk yeah we have a good prank for next time, it's already all planned :]]]