February 20, 2009

Under the Not-So-Big Top

Yesterday we met some friends at the circus that came through town. It was held in the Livestock Pavilion at the fairgrounds (if that isn't totally TEXAS, I don't know what is!). Our kids had a ball and loved every minute of it. There were lions, tigers, elephants, acrobats, motorcycles...pretty much everything you see under the big top, just at a much smaller scale. It was a great afternoon...but very chilly!

Emerson, Kayce, my boys and I.

Jerilyn and her kiddos met us there too, but somehow I didn't get a single picture of them. Maybe it was the juggling of 2 boys, 2 cotton candies, 3 drinks and a plate of nachos that inhibited my photography!

These adorable poodles were my personal fav. They were too cute!

Zachary's favorite were without a doubt the motorcycle riders. It was an added bonus that the first one crashed and was slightly injured. :(

Trent's favorite were the lions, elephants (with trunks) or the nachos depending on when you ask him!


Jamie said...


Glad you're up & running with the pics!!!

kinsey said...

glad you're back! how cute are those poodles! but sad that they are colored ;-/

The McKaughan's said...

Glad your back in the blogging business! Been missing those cute boys!!!

Mandy said...

Love the poodles!

Honeyman 4 said...

These are so funny! I love having boys too! Glad your stuff is fixed...and your back to blogging. :)