August 24, 2009

Back to School: Part 2

We survived Zachary's first day of Kindergarten. Zachary was so excited about going. He and his daddy went and had breakfast together this morning before sunlight. After a few pictures in the yard, we all headed off to drop him off. The drop off will not go down as one of my favorite Mommy Moments. SOOOOO glad Brandon was with me because I don't know that I would have been able to pull myself away. He didn't cry and I didn't either....until we got in the car. My heart hurt!!!

Zachary and Mrs. Sammye

I had a pretty busy day, but must have looked at the clock 1000 times before it was time to get in carpool line. When I saw that little pumpkin come running out to my car, I wanted to go swoop him up. He climbed in the car with the biggest smile on his face.
He said he really liked school and recess was his favorite. I had a Capri Sun in the car for him to drink and he sucked it dry before we got out of the parking lot. He said they had played outside for a long time and that it was "terribly hot!"
I am praying for continued days of happy beginnings and endings....


The Garners said...

So glad he liked it and that the first day is over with--they'll surely get easier from here!?!

Mandy said...

So glad he had a great first day of school and I am sure you are glad it's over!

KK said...

Thankful he had a good 'first day of school' and pray this continues!
He was for sure the cutest thing at CHE yesterday:)

Catherine Chaumont said...

I love all of the school pics. You have two precious boys! Your blog is definitley one of my favorites. You are so creative and your stories are too funny!