August 9, 2009

Few more funnies

Z: "Mom, you're so 2000 and late!" [Grandmaw, these are lyrics from a popular song. :)]

After being on the back porch with our old dog, Trent said, "Bo was getting nervous!"

Before going on our trip to Little Rock, I was talking to Zachary about swimming at the hotel. I said, "Even Grandmother is going to bring her you think she wears a bikini?" He looked at me as serious as could be and answered, "Surely not."

Z: "Pawpaw doesn't like to fly because he's afraid of hikes."

After football tryouts Brandon was talking to Zachary about all that they did. Z said, "I liked that obstacle course, but the sprints were irritating me. The grass was aggravating."

T asked: "Can we give my orange (battery powered) 4 wheeler to someone and get me an automatic (gas powered) one like my brother's?" [He's three and had that orange one for exactly one month! Geez!]

After my boys got their school shots Grana bought them both a prize for being so brave. [No tears for either of them!!!] I was talking to Zachary about how grateful he should be that he has a grandmother that will do things like that for him.
Me: "Do you know how neat your Grana is for buying you that nerf gun?"
Z: "No, how neat?"
Me: "Well, lots of little boys don't have grandmothers that will just buy them something so great for getting a shot. You have 3 grandmothers that are all very good to you."
Z: "Yes, she is SOOOO nice. I told her thank you 2 times."
Me: "That is good, but I want you to remember how special it is that she is willing to do that for you and your brother."
Z: "OK. But Mamma, I still don't know how neat she is???"

Always a laugh!


Cave-in said...

OK this will settle the last question. She is so neat that she once bought my sister and me twin rabbits for Easter. That's now neat she is.