August 2, 2009

Houston County Lake

***EDITED to add a few pictures

We joined the Ellis family at their lakehouse for their annual family weekend at Houston County Lake. We had perfect weather and a great time!

The South Girls
Jana (our Grana), Jane and Judy

Me, Karen, Raegan, Kelli, and Yvonne
Zachary, Garrett, Rylan, Raegan, Lexie, Emma and Madison
...with the addition of Trent. He is always so cooperative with group pics.
Early morning on the porch
Uncle Jon and Trent's breakfast plates
Rylan's catch
The boys
The girls
The kids spent the majority of their time like thisChilling
Megan and Lilly sunbathingCooper enjoyed his weekend at the lake, too
Trent found a friend...
Tucked in for safe keeping
Showing it off to Clayton...
Whatcha got in there??
A frog!
Loved the relaxation station
Aunt Jane and Trent
Trent was the keeper of the sunscreen
He takes application seriously
One week in Chicago + one week at cheer camp + weekend with the family at the lake = one very exhausted Raegan
Hot dogs and Burgers for dinner
The kids just adore their older cousins and would have loved to stay a month with them all. Thanks for being great hosts, John and Jane.

**John, Jim, Kevin, Brandon, and Jon were all there for the weekend too. No pictures of any of the men--guess we'll try to get them to pose next to the South Shore sign next year!

***Kelli sent me some additional pictures:

I love how excited Z looks in thisPure joy!
Bless my heart!:)


Mandy said...

Looks like it was a fun trip. Love the "keeper of the sunscreen" pic! Way too cute!

mommymimi said...

i LOVE that he really put the frog in his pocket!!!! he is too cute!!!! i really did laugh out loud!