August 5, 2009

Say it ain't so!

I've been keeping a list of funny things said around my house all summer. Now I have so many I'll have to do several posts. Here are a few:

After picking up our very old dog from the vet's office, Zachary asked, "He didn't get too a-stressed, did he? 'Cause you know he's so sensavov."

Zachary woke up one morning whining and moaning about something. Trent yelled from the bar where he was eating his breakfast, "We don't want to listen to that mess!"

I was getting help from Zachary on loading up the boat and letting the lift down. He kept asking me when he could turn the switch. I put him off long enough when he finally said, "Mom, I think you are getting sidetracked...."

Trent asks, "Are we going to (insert whatever's on his mind here) in a little while? Or a bunch of whiles?"

Overheard between Zachary and his friend, Natalie:
N: "I saw a picture of my aunt KeKe from a long time ago dressed up as Micheal Jackson"
Z: "Did you see it on Youtube?"
N: "No, it was on Facebook."

Trent got is very own (battery powered) 4 wheeler for his birthday. No more hand-me-downs for that boy. [Way before his birthday he said, "I don't want Zachary to 'hand me' his old 4 wheeler. Poor 2nd child!] Anyway, when we surprised him with it a few days after his actual birthday he said, "This is very good." Then he rode around on it for a minute and came back by to say, "I'm good at this!"

Sweet, sweet boys. Time, please stand still.


Erin said...

So cute...thanks for sharing and making me smile today. :-)

The Garners said...

I always love these!! The facebook/YouTube conversation is hilarious.

The Ealy's said...

I love their sayings!!

Neil, Amy & The Girls said...

Those boys of yours are so cute! I love the 'hand me' conversation!! Haha!

Mandy said...

I love the one where Trent doesn't want to "listen to that mess"! Sounds like he's been around Granny talking!!

Jessica Cameron said...

Your boys are so funny!! I need to start making a list of my kids...I will never forget Carlee Jo (my 4 yr old) telling her brothers "Boys be quite you are getting on my last nerve!" LOL She was about 3 at the time!