September 17, 2007

Day at the Zoo

Saturday we met some friends at the zoo for a fun day. The zoo is one of my boys favorite places and the weather was so nice that Mama was happy, too. T especially loved petting the goats. As you can see, Z got a crocodile hat that he wore all day. The other pics are of Kennedy, (sorry, Regan I didn't get a single shot of you!), Rhett with Z, and T with (one of) his girlfriends Alexee. The babies were content just holding hands on this date which was a releif after last week's "smooch session"!


jlg said...

We had fun, too. I love the one of Alexee & Trent! :) (I won't tell her that she's not his only girlfriend.)

Kristine said...

I cannot believe how blonde you guys are...and cute! MK, you look great! Z and T could not be cuter. I love this blog and will visit often! xoxo Kristine