September 19, 2007

Heeee's back!

This is our new friend "Climber" cleverly named by Z because, you guessed it, he climbs. He has been living in a web outside our office window for about 2 weeks. Yesterday he wasn't there all day and I had one disappointed little boy on my hands. Z checked on the web first thing this morning and HE'S BACK!(I am actually pretty excited that he is back in his web opposed to wondering around my yard...yikes!) I have been promised by my mom- who runs her own wildlife sanctuary- that he is harmless. Anyone know differently??

Although I am not a fan of spiders, especially ones the size of my hand, he has been fascinating to watch. We have loved seeing him catch his dinner, wrap it up and then devour it. My mom casually mentioned that "he" may have some babies soon. That could be the end of "his" life at our house. I draw the line at one creepy crawly pet!
Update: I just saw the same spider on Kelli's blog. Check it out. She knows what it's called.


Kthed said...

It's the same SPIDER! I can't believe it... it's a garden spider. :)

Grandmother said...

We have had the same spider at our front door and have enjoyed watching her(him)eat and make her web. Now she is encased in a cocoon on my ivy. I am real nervous about what will come out of the cocoon. It has been fun watching!