September 25, 2007


Today it has been 5 years since my grandaddy passed away. I woke up this morning with him on my mind without even realizing it was the day. In some ways it feels like he was just here, and in others it feels like so much time has passed. Five years later I still think of him, miss him and want to share things with him just as often as I did in the days after his death. There are so many things that I wish he could have been a part of, but most of all, my kids. I talk to my boys about him and all of Brandon's grandparents, but they will never truly understand how special they were.

I think of how much Grandaddy would have enjoyed and loved my boys. As the father of 3 daughters, who produced lots of girl grandbabies and only 2 grandboys, he was especially proud of his little guys.

When I talk to Z about how much his Daddy and I miss our Grandads, he always reminds me that we will get to see them again...that is one day that I am looking forward to with great anticipation!


jamie said...

I think about that a lot--how I wish my Dad's parents and my Great-Grandparents could have known my kids. It will be such an awesome Family Reunion in Heaven!!!