September 27, 2007

God's Promise

While Zachary and I were reading the other day, he commented that he really wanted to see a real rainbow. You can imagine how delighted we all were when we walked outside the very next day to see the most incredible rainbow right in front of our house. Thank you, Sweet Lord, for answered prayers!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing my Arkansas boys playing in the water puddle. Zachary you are my rainbow, just like your brother and the rest of the grandkids. Our God is an awesome God.

Kthed said...

We love rainbows too!!

jamie said...

This is so sweet.

raegann:] said...

Aw, i'm glad ya'll got to see rainbows!
Maybe he'll see more in texas :]
im so happy ya'll are moving here!
oh, and guess what!
i got a blog! lol