January 17, 2008

Conversations with a Cutie

When I picked up Z from school his teacher, Mrs. Sheri, handed me a sheet of paper where she had written down a conversation she had with him. This is how it went:

Z: This letter is in my name (pointing at Z). This letter is in my brother's name (pointing to letter T). My brother's name is T James M (saying the whole thing). Pawpaw James has the same name.
Mrs. S: What do you call your Grandma Roxie?
Z: Grandmudder. I bet you don't know my Pawpaw Mark.
Mrs. S: Yes I do. And he has a dog named Tank and I have Tank's mother at my house.
Z: What's her name?
Mrs. S: Chelsea
Z: My other grandpa's name is Jackpaw and then I have a KK. Jackpaw is my mom's dad and Grandmudder is my mom's mom. Isn't that neat? They don't live at the same house. Isn't that neat? KK is my mom's uncle mom.

When he got in the car after school he told me that he learned about a president who lived a long time ago. I am anything but a history buff so I had a hard time with his little quiz.
Z: What was that president who lived a long time ago?
Me: George Washington
Z: No, Mama. A long time ago like when pirates lived.
Me: Abe Lincoln
Z: Yes, but his name was Abraham Lincoln. What happened to him?
Me: I don't know.
Z: He got shot.
Me: Oh, ummm...
Z: A bad man shot him. Where did he get shot?
Me: Oh, I can't remember.
Z: In Washington-ten-see, I think. Where George Bush W. lives.
Me: Yes, it could have been there. Wasn't he in a theater or a show?
Z: Yes, but how come that man shot him in there? You are not supposed to shot guns inside.


The Garners said...

Got a big laugh out of these! :) Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

OMG! MK-keep these conversations! I am going to write a book one of these days! He is hilarious! Too bad you can't have a video camera on him at all times!

Kthed said...

He is hilarious... I know there's never a dull moment!