January 13, 2008

My Ironman

My hubby is the "iron-er" at our house. He likes doing it and takes great pride in the perfection that he produces. He is quite particular when it comes to the selection of this appliance and will only use a specific type of old-school-iron.

Saturday morning he woke me to let me know that his best friend, also known as our iron, had died. So after our dinner date on Saturday night we ran by Target to replace it. They didn't have the out of date, obsolete iron that he likes best (imagine that) so he had to shop for an alternative. He wanted to buy a $60 iron, but I put my foot down! (I could have bought 2 or 3 pairs of shoes at Target for that!!) I talked him into a perfectly good Sunbeam iron that had been marked down from forty-something bucks to $24.99.

Sunday morning, the peak day of his ironing week, he got the box out of our Target sack and began opening his new iron with a little apprehension (it wasn't the same one he has used for YEARS!), but with great anticipation (it was the beginning of an important relationship.) Imagine his surprise when this is what he pulled out:

If you know my husband at all, you are laughing out loud! He is SO not in touch with his feminine side! I got great enjoyment from watching him iron all of our church clothes with "the new (purple) love of his life."


The Garners said...

Hilarious post! Way to go B! L has been known to re-iron things I've done for him b/c the sleeves aren't quite right or the collar doesn't fold in quite the right place. My goal is no wrinkles--beyond that, count me out. L is really into Consumer Reports--maybe B could send him an email to let him know what he thinks about the PURPLE iron b/c we could use a new one too (I might have knocked ours off the board and cracked it in a few different places.)

Mandy said...

That is hilarious! Such a manly man with his purple iron! Ha Ha!

clayton said...

Hey I feel ya Brandon! I am the one who does all the ironing, even out of my roomates AND girlfriend. She laughs at me because I iron my jeans!?! What can I say, I don't like wrinkles!

Anonymous said...

A purple iron for hubs? Poor guy! That is very awesome that he likes to iron!