January 20, 2008

Swinging Single on Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are always so hectic around here. It seems like no matter how much preparation we do on Saturday night, it still is stressful getting everyone fed and dressed for Sunday School. Well....this morning was my first ever Sunday morning to do it all without my hubby. (He is out of town doing some more moving...another post, another time!) We didn't even attempt early service or Sunday School so we didn't have to be there until 10:30. You would think we could handle that with ease, but there were several kinks along the way.

It has been documented that Brandon is the "ironman" at our house, so in his absence, I had to take over that post this morning. He would have been ashamed, I hate to say. I put both boys in sweaters over their shirts so that I didn't have to iron anything but the collars of the shirts. Oh yes ma'am...it's the truth. I told Z that no matter how hot he got in church, he was never to take that sweater off! I chose a very safe ensemble for myself that didn't require ironing.

Another of Daddy's jobs is shining the church shoes. Z actually asked me to shine his shoes this morning. I assured him that since Daddy did it last week it would be bad for the shoes to be shined again this week! I was actually successful with this.

While I was getting myself ready, T found the jar of candy and helped himself. This is the scene that I discovered after hearing Z tell his little brother that he was in big trouble.

Because I wore a belt over my sweater to church, Z thought that he should too. He came in to my room with this on...I was also successful in talking him out of that.

Thank goodness Karen brought breakfast to us or we would have had to go to service hungry. Here is the finished product. I think we did pretty well!!


The Garners said...

Those collars look great! :)

PRECIOUS boys! I miss them.

Heather said...

Hi Mary Katherine..it's Heather J's friend..just wanted to say how precious your boys are. I love reading your blog. I keep thinkin' that I need a baby girl next go round, but seeing these little ones makes me wonder if I'm mistaken!! Well, and I guess that God has some say so in that.

Fun With Five said...

I can totally relate to the craziness! :)

Mandy said...

Ha Ha! I can just imagine the chaos that ensued on Sunday morning!

clayton :) said...


Chantel said...

Very Cute! I hate those hectic mornings...can't imagine having 2!