January 11, 2008

Week of Words

These pictures are just some cute ones from the week that I wanted to share. Z loves his boxing gloves and enjoys posing in them.

T is just cute all the time! Every time I get the camera out he runs and sits on the fireplace to pose. He says "eeee" instead of cheese.

Here are some of the funny things said around our house this week:

Brandon said, "I was just thinking about how much I love you." Z said: "I was just thinking that too."

Z asked why a cow didn't just jump over this creek by our house. I explained that cows can't jump. He said, "Then how come one jumped over the moon?"

Z told me that a little boy at his school told him that he wasn't smart. He said, "He doesn't even know all the things that I know about tools, about mowers, about bicycles without training wheels...."

One night Z told Bran and I that when you talk without your voice and use your hands is called "signlang-wage". I explained to him about people who are deaf and why they need to use sign language. On the way to school the next morning he said, "You know what the best idea is? If we used signlang-wage to talk to Jackpaw."

Amen. But isn't there some saying about an old dog and new tricks???

Yesterday a friend came home from school with Z. While driving by Jackpaw's house he said, "That is Jackpaw's house. Have you heard about Jackpaw?"

He will. Just give him time, honey.

My little T is cracking us up too. He constantly calls, "BO! BO!" any time we are outside. A few days ago he yelled, "OOOOOK" (Luke). KK and I both heard it and totally cracked up.


Mandy said...

When I read about what Z has been saying, I laugh so hard. Don't know how you guys do it! This kid is hilarious!! T is so cute too!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Too cute! I love it!

The Garners said...

These are all funny. There's a short signing piece on Sprout every night if Jackpaw's interested.