February 18, 2009

Visit from Friends

Back in January (seems like forever ago) our friends from Arkansas came for the weekend. Jamie and I had a great time sitting on my back porch visiting while the kids played outside. I didn't take a bunch of pictures (didn't even get a single one of Jamie and her adorable prego belly), but here are the highlights from the visit.

LOTS of time spent playing on the new BUMP beds

Playing outside in the beautiful weather

Working on major projects

We loved having Jamie, Rhett and Alexee and look forward to your next visit when you'll have THREE babies in tow!


Jamie said...

That does seem like a long time ago already!

R has mentioned several times about going back to TX in the summer...he won't forget! We're looking forward to it!

Thanks for your hospitality. And thanks for not pointing out in the post that I came during your extra-painful kidney stone...what a friend I am!