June 22, 2009

All Stars

Mt. Pleasant Tball National Team
Before our first game
Zachary was SO proud of the black under his eyes!
They introduced each player and then they all lined up for the national anthem. They were all a little confused...definitely should have practiced it! But, once they figured it out, they thought they were BIG TIME!
After the tournament....everyone's worn out...especially coaches!!!
We survived our first t-ball all star tournament over the weekend. Our kids had a great time, but were the youngest team there and it showed. We were out matched in both games, but really did pretty well in the second game. [The first game was brutal!!! Our team only got ONE out the entire game and it was because one of their runners ran out of the base line!!!!] It was a good experience and we will be ready for next year!!!


The Garners said...

Oh they look so cute in their uniforms!

In His Army said...

These are awesome. The pic of your three boys is priceless! Man I love your family! :)

Anonymous said...

Our standard birthday gift to give now is a bag filled with eye black, big league chew, and wrist bands with a "swoosh"...they love it!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that long ago when Garrett was in T-ball. Have fun!