June 17, 2009

Visiting Kent

Today I took the boys to Dallas to visit our special neighbor, Kent. He leaves tomorrow for a rehab facility in Denver so we really wanted to see him before he left. Honestly, I was a bit concerned about how my kids would do in the hospital under the circumstances. I prayed a lot about it and talked to them about what to expect.

They were perfect! Our visit could not have gone better. Kent's 22nd birthday is Saturday so we took one of Grana's pound cakes (Zachary's pick) and some homemade gifts. Kent was so gracious and sweet to the boys.

Kent's attitude is amazing!! He actually told us that this accident 'was the best thing that ever happened to him'. Can you imagine?! He asked us to pray over him and we were honored to do so. His testimony is and will be a very inspiring one.

Here he is styling his hair before pictures. Gretchen, be proud!

Trent with his BEST buddy

Melt my heart

After visiting Kent we had our first experience at Shenanigans. The boys had a blast playing laser tag, bowling, playing arcade games and watching Raegan climb the rock wall. (Zachary wasn't big enough for the harness--he was so bummed!)

When we got back to MP, the boys jumped directly in the pool. After all the fun we had today, I asked Trent what his favorite part of the day was. Without hesitation he said, 'KENT'!

Mine, too!:)


Marla Taviano said...

Praying for Kent! So awesome about his outlook on the accident!

KK said...

So many answered prayers. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that this day went well for you and the boys. Thanks for sharing the GREAT pictures.

Hogs finally won:) Nite...
Matthew 21:22

The Garners said...

I'm soooo glad it went well. I thought of y'all numerous times today. That first pic of the boys peering over the side of the bed to talk to their best bud brought tears to my eyes. I'll continue to pray for Kent as he goes to Denver...I'm expecting God to do great things, as he already has!

Miss you!

Paula McKaughan said...

MK, that's AWESOME!!! And those pictures are priceless!!! God is GREAT!!! Your boys are so sweet!

In His Army said...

Enjoyed these pictures and am so thankful for his progress. Could he be any cuter??? I mean how cute can you be in a hospital gown! And you already know how I feel about your boys! Have a great weekend!