June 25, 2009

Summer Days

We have spent the entire summer at the pool. We've enjoyed the water at both of the grandparents, at friends' houses, at my aunt's house, at our cousins' house and at the country club. My boys cannot get enough of it. They are so easy this year because they can be in the water without me so I don't mind taking them everyday.

This morning we headed to Grana's for some pool time with a friend and then we came indoors for the rest of the afternoon. For some reason I decided to attack my craft closet for a much needed clean out. I wish I had taken a before and after, but I was too embarrassed of the shape that it was in.

Seeing all the craft stuff in plain view got Trent in the mood for painting. He sat at his little table and quietly worked for a long time. I love to see his little mind at work.
While I was busy at work in the closet, I felt something wet on my leg. I kept asking Zachary what he was doing and he was giggling. I truly had no idea that I was the proud new owner of this...I'm playing tennis tonight and I'm pretty sure all the other ladies will be interested in knowing where I got such a classy piece of art on the back of my calf!

Trent and I were working on dinner and Zachary was so quiet I had to go check on him. He was in the door of his bedroom...

It was a nice, quiet, productive afternoon inside!


McCall said...

Glad to see my boys aren't the only ones that go "shirtless" all day! So cute!

The Garners said...

Rhett's "temporary" tattoo lasted for two weeks before I finally got tired of looking at it (skull/pirate) and had to use fingernail polish remover to take it off!

In His Army said...

SO fun...I wish I had a place to take the kids regularly!

Mandy said...

Love the new "tat"!