June 9, 2009

T Ball Party

The regular season for T ball ended last week and so we celebrated last night with a swimming party at my in-laws. The kids had a great time swimming, eating hot dogs and enjoying cupcakes.

Here I am posing with my guys before the last game. Trent wore his full uniform for that game.

The boys were so pumped to get these "huge" trophies

The cupcakes were a hit...with kids AND adults.

We had a great set of kids this year on our team and we ended up League Champs! Way to go Padres!

Now on to All-Stars. I am not kidding. T-ball all stars!!! Brandon is coaching since our team ended up with the most wins. Tournament is mid June. I'll keep you posted on that madness!


The Garners said...

So fun!

Mandy said...

Tball all stars? What cute cupcakes!!

In His Army said...

Love those cupcakes. Great pic of the three of you!