April 11, 2011

The Big D

My kids were discussing when moms and dads "break up" the other day while driving down the road. I was listening and loved Zachary's explanation...

T: If Daddy and Mommy break up, one will take one kid. One will take the other.
Z: Mommy and Daddy can't break up. They are married.
T: Yeah, but I mean if they decide to...
Z: It's not easy to break up when you are married, Trent. It's a BIG DEAL! You have to buy another house and it's not good for the kids and you can't see your dad everyday and you have to go to court and a lot of other stuff. AND, it costs A LOT of money! Isn't that right, Mamma?

This is where I stepped in and did my best mom answers and tried to assure them that daddy was stuck with me; however, I really wanted to answer: "Yes, son, it would cost your daddy A LOT of money. More money than he has got now or will ever have. Please remind him of this if he gets any ideas" but I refrained. ;)


Mandy said...

We have to put a book together of these sayings! We will be rich!