April 11, 2011

Cute Quotes

Been a while since I've done one of these....I MUST DO BETTER!!

Z while flipping a coin: "Heads or Toes??"

T to his brother: "You are talking so mean it's making me want to throw up!"

Z: Mom, do you like to wear jeans?
Me: Yes
Z: Do you like to wear tights?
Me: I guess, why?
Z: Because did you know they make denim tights? G had them on today and they are denim and they are TIIIGGGHHHTTT! I think you would like them.

T: Mom, you look pretty.
Me: Well, thank you baby.
T: But you would look very pretty if you would brush your hair and put your make up on.

After having a discussion about a child in his class that is overweight Z: "J is very, you know, you know, umm....overweight. But she has a good heart, Mamma." While I was patting myself on the back for my excellent mothering skills, he adds: "I am not really her friend, but I am nice to her. I told her if someone is mean to me on the playground I will come get her to sit on them."

T: I brushed my teeth with Crust at Grana's. {Crest}

T has 2 little girls that both claim to be his girlfriend. One cold night at the ballpark he had his bag full of equipment and I watched him get one pair of batting gloves out for Kit and let her wear them to keep her hands warm. He then reached in and got another pair for Kate to wear. While my friend and I were telling him what an absolute gentleman he was he pulled out some baseballs. He looks at both girls and says, "Now which one of you wants to play with my two balls???" :) Such a man!


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