April 11, 2011

Fall things....

Quick trip to LR to celebrate Jamie's bday. Miss these girls SO MUCH! Happy birthday, Jamie!
Crazy hair day at school After a hard day work at the cabin

Zachary and Keller on dress up day at Brice. They were just happy the singing was over. At Zachary's school during one of our visits
Zachary's turkey for his turkey assignment. Hunting theme...of course!
Cute boys after the Thanksgiving program at Trent's school

Each kid said what they were thankful for. T said "Going hunting."
Fair field trip
Brain Gym field trip to the pumpkin patch. Trent is front right with his head down crying bc he didn't want to pose for a picture. I love how Livi is looking over at him! Halloween Keno...the Kardashian Sisters
Went to eat lunch with Zachary at school one day. He and Keller thought we needed a picture