April 11, 2011

All Trent

We love our Trent so much. He is just his own little person and so full of fun! He makes us laugh more than anyone else in our family does and doesn't care a bit what anyone thinks of him. He is not easily influenced, he doesn't conform, and is difficult to persuade! The things that we love most about him are also the things that make us crazy! Here are just a bunch of pictures that I had of him on my phone.

Trent loves Mac. Mac loves Trent. They are the best of buds and I hear Trent talking to Mac continuously while they play outside. This is IN my bed. Mac is an OUTSIDE dog. The two of them apparently forgot that information. But look how cute....how can you get mad?!

This picture reminded me so much of my brother growing up. He never got tired of this trick and as the adoring little sister, I never got tired of laughing at it! Trent thought he was the 1st person to ever think of doing it and was extremely proud!

Brain Gym's Thanksgiving program is always so cute. Here T is speaking in the microphone to say he is thankful for "going hunting." He has a "turkey" hidden under his shirt here. He told me after the program that it was really just a balloon. :)Dancing with his cute little dance partner, AveryOne day while shopping in Walmart I kept hearing T say he was hot. I looked over and saw this....T was a biker dude for Halloween. Every time he dressed up he added something or changed his costume up a bit. Z chose to go hunting over trick or treating and carnivals. Trent probably would have chosen that too, but I forced him to stay with me!This was at Brain Gym's annual Halloween Luncheon. T was a great server and had lots of customers, but I stayed busy and got only ONE picture. Here he is with my sister. I think that was his first customer of the day.This picture gets no explanation...because really, there isn't one. He was playing with my return address stamp one day....:)
Never a dull moment with our little TJ around!


The Garners said...

LOVE love love all of these. He is one cute little dude!!!

Mandy said...

OMG! He is so adorable! I have to get home more often before they grow up!

Life In Oh-me-haw said...

OMG! I LOVE that last picture!!!! I think he gets that from his mother cause I remember (yes I do remember some things) you sticking stickers all over yourself and bandaids all over dad!!!