April 11, 2011

Zachary turns 7!

Zachary wanted to have a camp out at our cabin for his 7th birthday. He very nicely explained that moms (and little brothers) do not go to camp outs. Brandon and his friend Rick took 5 boys for the night. I went down for a little while to take a few pictures (fewer than I wanted bc my camera died after about 5 pictures!) They all had a great time and Brandon handled the night without me...even when one kid woke up wheezing and having a coughing spell! :)

Buying this cake was painful for me, I must admit. There will apparently not be anymore "cute" birthday parties for my Zachary :(He loved it so much though! And his little brother wants one JUST LIKE IT! I sure hope he forgets by the time June rolls around!All the boys.
They each had their own 4 wheeler to ride for the night which they loved!

The birthday boyLandon KellerZ and Jabo

They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, road 4 wheelers, went hiking, shot bb guns, and played on the rope swing. The next morning they were all worn out....especially the daddies!!!!


Erin said...

oh wow, what a fun time! if your a boy, I guess! ;-)

The Garners said...

That sounds like the best 7 year old boy party EVER, ugly cake and all. :) Remember Rhett's bass fishing cake...I think it might have been the same design, only with a plastic boat instead of the deer. :)

Mandy said...

I can't believe Z is 7! Where has time gone?