October 1, 2007


Brandon has always loved all of the Rocky movies. He can quote almost every word to all 8 (or however many) movies. Saturday night he got to show us all the moves he has learned from watching those movies over and over again. His two younger cousins, Raegan and Emma, have some fancy game (iGame, I think) that is interactive and lets you actually box a computer opponent. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard watching Brandon, Z and the girls play it.

For those of you who think Brandon is really quiet and reserved, this will be a great chance for you to see him in action.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"...or something like that.

The next one is a clip of a challenge between Raegan and Brandon. Raegan won...not because she was better, but because she outlasted Brandon by a long shot!

In case anyone who is wondering who the cheerleader that you can hear is in both clips, it's Jon, Raegan and Emma's daddy. Can you tell he was a coach???


Kthed said...

BT says he's glad that he's a finance mngr and not a boxer... all I have to say is that he's living out some Bald Bull memories from MIke Tyson's Punchout we used to play... :)