September 13, 2007

Take Flight!

Z shocked us all and took a short flight with Jackpaw last weekend. All I could see from the ground was a little blonde head, waving arms and the biggest smile! He loved it, said he wasn't scared at all, and told me when he was done, "Mama, I am not tired of flying." He thought he was a real pilot because he got to sit in the front, wear the headphones and Jackpaw showed him what some of the gauges meant. I, of course, was a NERVOUS WRECK praying the entire time for a quick trip and safe landing. Jackpaw said that Z kept saying, "go higher!" Such a boy!


jlg said...

These are neat pictures. Z looks cute in the headphones.

Kthed said...

So excited you have a BLOG! Way to go Zac!

Livi said...

Wow Zac! Next time I want to fly in a helicopter with you!