June 18, 2008

Mollie Michelle

I helped host a Sip and See for baby Mollie on Saturday. Her mother is one of my most precious friends and I was trilled to be able to help with the shower. She got adorable PINK goodies (she has 2 older brothers!) and everyone that hadn't already seen her was thrilled to see such a beautiful baby girl.

Sweet baby girl

Yummy cake!

Kisha (delivering on Friday), Me, Michelle holding an unhappy Mollie, Stacie and Erin


Anonymous said...

Mollie is so sweet... it was great to see everyone at the shower... you did a great job planning!

Did you cut me out of this picture???

The Garners said...

Mollie is precious!

Adorable invites & cake!

I like your yellow dress, too--very cute!

Mandy said...

She is precious!