June 2, 2008

The Little Red Hen

Brain Gym performed their version of The Little Red Hen for their end the year program. It was absolutely adorable and all the kids did their parts so well. Z was a cow--a very cute one I must add. And since I made the cow costumes, I thought he looked that much cuter!

When it was his turn to talk in the microphone he paused before walking up to it. He later told me that he had to get his "courage" together before saying his part. He also told me that he didn't have butterflies in his tummy, he had a "big ole snake." We were so proud of him for stepping up and introducing himself, saying his lines and singing his part.

Introducing himself

Two cute cows

All the farm animals

Baby chicks

Little Red Hens


Mandy said...

Very cute cow! Good job Z!

Becca said...

Wow! What a cute program...but it doesn't hurt that there is such a cute cow, too!! Love the pictures!

The Garners said...

oh how CUTE!! I wish I could have been in the audience.