June 18, 2008

Swimming party

Z has been talking about having a swim party for months. Since his birthday doesn't fall in the summer months, KK and I promised him that he could invite some friends over for a "party". He didn't forget that promise, so Friday was the day. Three buddies came home from VBS with us. The kids ate McD's, swam, played in the playroom, sat in the helicopter, fed the swans, enjoyed the endless supply of junk food that KK provides, and had a great time. I think the PARTY was a hit!


The Garners said...

This looks like fun! Can we have swim party, part II if we come to visit this summer!?

Mandy said...

Love the pic with all four jumping in the pool! What a great time...and I bet it is great that KK's house is so close with a pool, junk food, and even a helicopter!

Becca said...

Just give us enough advance notice and we will be at the next swimming party! So fun!