June 29, 2008

Weekend of Celebrations

We have celebrated T's 2 years all weekend long. His birthday included breakfast at KK's, lunch at Grana's and family dinner at El Chico where he blew out candles at each meal. Z requested El Chico for him because he loves the song that they sing to the birthday boy. When he woke up from his nap yesterday, we presented him with the gifts that we had picked out. The 4 wheeler was a huge hit. Big brother is pretty fond of it, too.

Today he opened more presents when some friends who were passing through brought more gifts. He is napping now after lots of celebrations!

Tuesday is his official party! I'll have lots more pictures then.

KK's breakfast cupcake

Grana and Z baked this pound cake for T

Z picked out a new bike for T

New 4 wheeler--we are now owners of SIX motorized vehicles!!

He wasn't so sure about the sombrero...

...or the singing

One proud Mommy


The Garners said...

These are all great--love the sombrero photo! Looks like he's had a very fun celebration weekend...with more to come!

Mandy said...

He is just soooo cute! Can't believe how much he still looks like his mother!

Chantel said...

Happy b-day liitle T. What a cutie!