June 18, 2008


Our monthly supper club theme was "Tex-Mex Smackdown." We were all a little unsure of what it would entail, but were instructed to wear running shoes, athletic wear, and our game faces. When we arrived we were broken up into teams for flag football. (Some people pulled flags, some people just straight up tackled!!! Erin, Brandon D....okay, maybe me too!) I was on the blue team, as was my husband, and I will happily report that we won! We also won at a late night game of Pictionary. Brandon drew the word Peru and someone actually guessed it. We proclaimed he and the master guesser as geniuses only to find out later that they cheated! Good thing they were on my team.

We also enjoyed fajitas (hence the Tex-Mex) and chips. Brandon and I had a great time. It was the first time that we will admit to being sore after a monthly supper club meeting!

Red Team a.k.a. Losing team

Blue team--Winners!

Erin and I after an unfortunate incident

This was immediately after I was plowed down by a grown man. Please notice he and my dear husband on the right looking oh-so-concerned about my well-being!


The Garners said...

I'm laughing SO hard about B just walking right on by while you were on the ground!

This is such a fun idea! I would have died though if I was told I was going to be playing football--I wouldn't have a CLUE. I'm sure I would have quickly been reassigned to scorekeeper or water-girl. :)

Mandy said...

Sounds so exciting...wish we were that creative here in Sacramento!!