June 9, 2008

Gladewater Rodeo

Brandon got free tickets to the rodeo for Friday night. I know two people who LOVE the rodeo so it was a no-brainer on who to take--Z and my mom! We had a great time spending some time with Z (without baby brother) and my mom and stepdad.

The two rodeo lovers...please notice that my child is decked from head to toe in cowboy gear. SO GLAD he was since he got to ride this horse!:)

Z loved this horse Levi, even when he got a little rowdy. That was not my favorite part!

Watching all the action from our "box seats." That is not a joke, there really is such a thing at this fancy rodeo.


The Garners said...

Z looks so cute in his cowboy gear!

Mandy said...

Box seats! Wow you sure are living it up at the rodeo!!!

Becca said...

Yes, he truly belongs in Texas!!

kinsey said...

hi. i was at baylor the same time you were and then married scott powell (sigma chi)...anyway, we have a lot of mutual friends and i've been reading your blog for awhile without commenting but i have to comment on this post. we have a lakehouse in gladewater and were at the rodeo saturday night! too funny. our nieces and nephew loved the little pony ride as well :-) scott says hi to you and brandon too.