July 30, 2008

25 Years!

On Saturday, my dad and stepmom celebrated 25 years of marriage. What an accomplishment!
Since they got married when I was so young, I cannot remember life without Kaye in it. My dad is SUPER lucky that she has loved him for so long! She is a blessing to him and to all of our family. I am not sure why she picked him (I think it must have been his cute kids!) but we are glad she did.
And, Dad, you're pretty alright, too!:)
Happy Anniversary, to my dad and Stepmonster! Wishing you 25 more!My dad swears she tricked him into getting married. He woke up one morning, walked out in his yard, and there was a wedding going on. Funny how he was coincidentally wearing a suit, huh??
Look at that dress...I think I've seen similar ones recently. Let's just hope the hair doesn't come back, too.


The Garners said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a neat picture of them!

Jillian said...

i love the picture!!!! they haven't changed much... maybe just the hair color!

Mandy said...

Wow! I can't believe it has been 25years already! Happy Anniversary Kaye and Jack!! Hope you have 25 more years together!