July 16, 2008

I knew I loved her!

One of my best buddies from Dallas came to visit for the day on Tuesday. She has 2 precious little girls and we loved spending the day showing them what country life is like. The highlight of my day, however, was when she walked into my house carrying this:

She doesn't read my blog (she's too busy...blah, blah, blah) so she had no idea why I was screaming things like "change your life" and "great minds think alike" at just the sight of her tote. AND, leave it to my trendy friend to have the much cuter, sassier tote...kinda makes my solid blue one look sad. Anywho...I was thrilled and just had to share another "happy customer" with ya'll!

Shouldn't I be getting a check from the company that makes these about right now? I have had several e-mails of proud new owners of "The Tote"!

Look what she experienced while she was visiting...

Loved having her and her girls visit! Can't believe I don't have any pictures of Ava Marie and Isabella to share!:(


The Kennedy's said...

where did she get her tote here in Dallas?

The Garners said...

This cracks me up--the "sassier tote"! :)

Mandy said...

We should send your excerpts from your blog to the company that makes these "life changing" totes. I still haven't had a chance to get to TJ Maxx to get mine!